Report on the Launch of the Open Budget Project for the SW

Project for the SW on April 19 and 20

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The COPB 2021 for the SW region was launched successfully precisely in Limbe. Day one had two sessions merged into one and saw the presence of over 50 participants, with over 20 municipal authorities and 30 civil society representatives made up of men, women, youths and persons with disabilities.

Because of the current climate on Mondays in the English speaking regions of Cameroon, Day 1 of the event took place at the Victoria Guest house to ensure the safety and security of all the participants.

The launch was spearheaded in the SW by the implementing partners, the Cameroon Community Media Network CCMN, who ensured the successful mobilization and organization of the two day event. On behalf of the CCMN, the lead organizer for the SW Tarhang Tabe welcomed all and went further to introduce the CCMN and other implementing partners and funder and prayed that the project help to engage citizens in the participation of local budget monitoring and participation.

Then came the climax which was the launch of the project which was presented in its entirety by the National Coordinator of the CCMN, Ms Rosaline Obah who for over 45mins, enlightened the participants on the entire project ranging from the objectives, expected results, activities, beneficiaries to implementing cities.

The participants received the project with a lot of enthusiasm noting that if all if executed as programmed, a lot will change positively and give a relevant voice to the local community to be part and parcel of budgetary actions and monitoring within their municipalities with a mission to ensure inclusion in all aspects for better transparency and accountability.

The session was marked by a very rich question and answer session where in, the local leaders used the forum to better understand the operational plan and how realistic the project will be to actualize the actions and be different from just any other project. In this regard, they proposed the following recommendations as the way
forward towards ensuring a successful implementation of the project:

            • The extension of the project after the deadline of August 2021 looking at the activities to be carried out, they opined that the duration is too short for effective execution.
• The mayors do not only end at signing the partnership document but should create a forum to educate the councilors of the project so that they can facilitate implementation at every given phase.
• The locals and beneficiaries should be educated on certain clauses so that they can better acquaint themselves with their specific roles and responsibilities probably in subsequent sessions.
• Since budgetary sessions in councils hold for some2times or 4 times a year, can they be a way forward towards ensuring that budgetary session periods are used as one of the relevant moments to actualize the vision of the project.
• Present during the session was the deputy Mayor for Limbe 2 council who congratulated the initiators of the project and expressed their readiness to be part of the project so as to perfect what they already started doing.

Day 2 of the launch of the COPB project in Limbe took place at the Limbe 1 council in the presence of the Mayor of the host council, Mme Eposi Florence and team. In her welcome address, she lauded the initiative of the project and called on the over 50participants to a present to avail themselves of this unique opportunity to be part of the development process within their municipalities.

Over 50 women, men, youths, persons with disabilities, media people and municipal budget staff were part of the second day of the launch and just like day 1, were so overwhelmed with the content and vision of the project. After listening to the project in the pidgin language for better comprehension thanks to the CCMN National Coordinator, Ms Rosaline Obah,they all had time to ask questions for better understanding after which they were all satisfied and expressed readiness to be part of the COPB 21.

It should be noted that, participants each received T shirts, Folders containing workshop materials and a docket about the project, as well as posters. The event ended with words of satisfaction from participants who wait in eager anticipation on the next steps of the project.

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